We provide the following services from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM on every weekdays:

Consular Wing :
1. Issuance of Birth Registration Certificate
2. Documents Attestation and Certification
3. Attestation of Power of Attorney
4. Attestation of Consular Documents
5. Issuance of transfer of residence (TR) certificate
Commercial Wing :
1. Facilitating foreign trade (export and import)
2. Promoting investment
3. Encourage to send remittance through official channels
4. Organizing Fairs, Investment summits
5. Promotion of Tourism in Bangladesh.
Labour Welfare Wing :
1. Attestation of Demand Letter for Employment
2. Attestation of Individual Employment Visa, Residence Visa,Housemaid Visa and Visit Visa
3. Issuance of Travel Permit
4. Necessary documentation for the deceased and repatriation of dead body
5. Conduct death compensation cases to the courts
6. Jail visit and provide legal services
7. Hospital visit and repatriation of poor sick expatriates
8. Company and Labour accommodation visit
9. Realizing compensation from the courts and sending the same to the families of the deceased.
10. Realizing company dues, insurance benefit and sending the same to the families of the deceased.
11. Counseling program for both male and female workers
12. Applications / complaints forwarding to the concerned organizations of Bangladesh.

Passport and Visa Wing :
1. Issuance of Machine Readable Passport (MRP)
2. Renewal of Passport
3. Endorsement of Information in the Passport
4. Issuance of new passport against lost and damaged Passport
5. Issuance of Bangladesh Visa